MeadowMist V Make It Count


Born 4/6/2022


Price: $250

After a lot of consideration we have decided to offer Mic for sale. With limited space in our buck pen we need to make some hard cuts, in order to make room for retained stock. Mic is well socialized with people and is very friendly. He has a nice long body and great dairyness. Mic has a medium stature which can be great for pairing with yearlings and keeping his kids within the height limits. Looking through his extended pedigree below you will notice his maternal line has several National Champions and National Reserve Champions, bucks and does. He is extremely eager to pass on his excellent genetics with some lucky ladies!

May 2024

Mic’s Dam

Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M

Born 3/8/2012

1st Lactation: 274 Days, 700# Milk, 42# Butterfat, 37# Protein in 2013

2nd Lactation: 92 Days, 380# Milk, 14# Butterfat, 15# Protein in 2014

3rd Lactation: 265 Days, 710# Milk, 45# Butterfat, 35# Protein in 2015

4th Lactation: 228 Days, 640# Milk, 32# Butterfat, 30# Protein in 2016

Longest Lactation: 7th, 615 Days

Mic’s Sire

Winning Streak CM Viscount

Mic’s Sire’s Dam

Winning Streak EB Carbonado 3*M