Why We Do It

We started keeping dairy goats in 2020 with food quality and security in mind and it quickly turned into a lifestyle. That same year we doubled our flock of laying hens and started raising and butchering our own broilers. Our garden grew from 4ft by 8ft to 25ft by 25ft. We pack it full of foods, we can preserve, using an all organic intensive no till technique. Everything from vegetables too jellys and chicken noodle soup too venison gets canned in our kitchen. The lessons and knowledge this lifestyle has and will continue to teach our family is invaluable.

Nigerian Dwarf milk is top shelf when it comes to milk. Owning Nigerians has given us access to not only the sweet and unaltered fresh milk but also all the benefits it has to offer, including the many health benefits. When we manage to not drink all of it we make butter, yummy whipped cream, yogurt, delicious caramel, skin nourishing soaps and more. Mastering cheese is next on our list. Todays industrialized processed food system functions with one thing in mind, profit. Most processed food today falls more under the definition of a chemistry project and not that of food. (Merriam-Websters definition of “food”) We take much pride in the real, healthy, nutritional food that we produce for ourselves.

With the cost of everything always going up, especially food for people and their livestock, its more important than ever to have does that can fill the pail! With performance in mind we have assembled a small but strong herd giving us the ability to focus on and prove each individual.

Our goats have become a huge part of our lives. There’s definitely some ups and downs owning and breeding Nigerians but we couldn’t imagine the day we did not have them in our lives.